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Time to change your thinking?

Sometimes we can be really mean to ourselves. Why are we so thoughtful to everyone else in our life.. but to the one person that counts first (Yes, that's YOU), we're allowed to be plain awful.

It is possible to change your thinking, you've got to decide to allow it first. Then take little steps to question each negative thought.

*Catch those thoughts out and pause (eg I am so lazy)

*Question it and reflect. (Why do I feel like this today)

*Flip the statement around (I feel lazy today because I'm tired after the bad night sleep I had)

Now, the first part is easiest but still tricky to pause. A negative thought journal might help you... one side is the bad thought and beside it is your reflection or nice thought. Even if you pretend that advice is being given to someone else. If the nice part doesn't come easy, you could always ask someone else you trust to fill it out to help get you started.

Step by step of catching your negative thoughts out and giving yourself the advice you might say to your friend CAN help you reset and slowly be nicer to the most important person in your life.. YOU!

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