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Is anger worth it?

For every minute you spend feeling angry, you are giving away 60 seconds of your life's peace and quiet. You may feel by being angry at someone it can punish others that have treated you unfairly, and momentarily it might make them feel bad and 'punish them'. I challenge you to question who is really being punished though. After an interaction we would each go our own way and if either party chooses to hold onto anger without considering a solution to let the anger go that minute of peace is gone forever. Question if it is worth giving up your calm. Will the angry feelings change anything? Does it solve the problem that started it? How will it make things worse? What will happen if you chose to move on now and accept you didn't like what happened but it's had its minute and won't get another one. Then force your thoughts on something that brings you peace.. a person, a pet, a place, a memory... it will take practice but is anger worth it?

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