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NDIS registration…Changes on the way

Step out Support passed the final stage of audit recently to proceed with an application to be NDIS registered in delivering support services. While undertaking the process I was able to identify and appreciate the increased level of professionalism and quality of service the registration process would ensure when implementing the variety of policies and procedures required. Prior to development of the Step Out Support business plan I was operating as an independent sole trader, and this registration process has refined my ability to operate service delivery in a safe and ethical manner with increased documentation of practice standards. As my values include the desire to continue learning and training to upskill the workforce to deliver better care everyday, I found the process valuable while acknowledging yes it is time consuming and requires commitment to invest in your personal and business development.

With the unveiling of the NDIS review and proposed changes I completely support the requirement for all providers to become registered or endorsed based on their scope of practice. It is a process to allow for safe service delivery to a recognised standard and protects participants in addition to the providers. While it may seem a high expectation to smaller providers to be asked to ensure their business policies are in place, my view is that it is 'backing yourself' to say I deliver on best practices and my business is worth the investment of my time, knowledge, effort and expenditure. It is 'capacity building' and you may learn new skills.

From a participant viewpoint, part of the registration process means your disability support service will deliver a documented process at the intake of new clients in creating support plans with them in order to refine the service delivery in an individuallly tailored manner. They will receive safe provisions that ensure their needs are met by implementation of policies such as individual risk assessments or medication management and mandatory training of employees. This minimum expectation in quality of service delivery will be an absolute expectation of anyone who steps inside their home. How is this not a step forward for both partipants and providers?

Every provider will have a choice to how they move forward. It may be you are already registered or in the process like Step Out Support in delivering on practice standards. You may be reflecting on your business plan and requirements, and ready to research what is next. Or you may be completely overwhelmed and feeling that the challenge is too hard. My advice is to breathe and know there will be time to get it sorted. Start with a review or implementation of policies and procedures in your business structure. There are companies that you can engage to help you set these up if you don't have the competency or time to do it yourself. You will have choices in how you overcome the changes including reflecting on your expertise and either upskill or employ to meet the practice standards. You can choose your scope of service delivery appropriately too and select the registration tier that fits your current capacity and abilities.

I see nothing but benefits to providers and participants all around in the introduction of registration requirements and it is one change that I am completely backing.

Kind Regards

Leonie Rutherford


Step Out Support Pty Ltd

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